Technical parameter

Depending on particular configuration, following components can be used to achieve design conditions:

  • Bypass
  • Chilled water cooling
  • DX or chilled water
  • Food grade construction
  • Humidification
  • Humidity control system

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Product Description

Drymax Temperature and Humidity Control Unit (DMTH) simplifies incorporating humidity and temperature control into your building or manufacturing process. Now, integrating a desiccant dehumidifier with other air conditioning components has been made easy with a truly state-of-the-art total temperature and humidity control system. Using advanced selection software, you and your Drymax sales engineer can create the perfect system for your application.

Drymax DMTH is available in multiple configurations capable of processing up to 57,440 cfm and can hold conditions as rigorous as a -70? F dewpoint with dependability. This system includes a dehumidifier with five desiccant options and eleven rotor sizes, high performance heating and cooling coils, refrigeration package, supply and return HEPA filters and the piece of mind knowing your system is NRTL approved to UL standards and is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.

The Drymax desiccant dehumidifiers all incorporate the well proven, Proflute desiccant wheels thereby ensuring their products, as a minimum, equal performance to major competitors products. This range of large desiccant dehumidifiers, have been designed to accommodate a wide range of regeneration heat sources, ie electric, steam and gas, thereby ensuring a wide variety of installations are accommodated. The programmable electronic controller, and high capacity EC process fan, allows easy installation and also the flexibility for the end user to fine tune drying capacities catering for, high extraction, high efficiency or deep drying, depending upon the final application. Facility for an external humidistat allows remote control of the drying cycle All models incorporate a high efficiency patented PPS Rotor. This design incorporates an 82% active Silica Gel to ensure optimum performance over the equipments wide operating range of environments. All desiccant rotors supplied by Naav are washable, and designed for high performance / long life. The chassis design incorporates access points for fork lifts and pallet trucks, allowing for easy maneuvering into awkward site locations. All side panels are removable, allowing for easy servicing and maintenance. Should a fault arise various fault indicator lamps allow easy diagnostics and thereby minimum downtime.


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