Technical parameter


Dimensions: 34″W x 47″L x 26″H
Weight: 300 pounds
Power: 115V, single-phase
Amperage: 8.9 amps
Warranty: one year

Water Removal per day

101 gallons (810 pints) 80?F, 80%rh
80 gallons (640 pints) 80?F, 60%rh
45 gallons (360 pints) 75?F, 50%rh

Warranty Information

Both unit and 5 ton a/c condenser (not sold with unit) must be installed by certified HVAC technician. Your HVAC technician can get you the best price for a compatible condenser unit.

Limited Warranty: One year warranty on any defective parts.

Limitation of Liability: To the extent allowable under applicable law, Subcooled Air's liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Subcooled Air's liability in all events is limited to and shall not exceed the cost of repair. Shipping damage is not covered under warranty.

Price: $8,995.00

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Product Description

This all aluminum, commercial-grade dehumidifier removes over 800 pints of water per day from air in your building. The Subcooled Air Dehumidifier delivers humidity control to buildings up to 7000 square feet or smaller areas that have constant moisture loads such as manufacturing processes or greenhouses. A detachable humidistat allows you to set the desired humidity level.



  • Can be mounted on floor, ceiling or shelf
  • Stainless steel drain pan and 1/2 inch drain coupling
  • 1000 cfm (nominal) Dayton supply air blower
  • Quiet operation, high static (ductable)
  • Detachable Honeywell humidistat
  • Designed for commercial use
  • Auto defrost allows operation in cool buildings
  • HVAC technician friendly design
  • Connects to standard 5 ton air conditioner condenser unit
  • 2-inch pleated MERV 3 through 11 air filter compartment
  • Aluminum skid with forklift pockets and corner eyes
  • Cabinet constructed from pre-painted aluminum sheet metal
  • Reheat condenser delivers air at room temperature

Available at: Naav independent home appliances stores



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