Technical parameter


? Moisture removal capacity: 100 L/24hr (@ 30oC, 80%)

? Nominal airflow rate:?850 CMH

? Power consumption: 1.65kW

? Nominal current: 8.62A

? Noise level: 57dB

? Power source: 220V/50Hz/1Ph

? Dimension:?1110 (H)x 568(W) x 436 (D), mm

? Weight:?64g

Price: $1,721.00

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Product Description

Standing dehumidifier, indoor installation, movable by caster, use 1 phase power source, can be drained directly through hose or to collect water bucket.

Typical application

? Use widely in different applications from preservation storage, production room, room with long drainage..with RH requirement from 40%~60%, 3 phase electric source not available and unit is expected to be move from room to room.



? Working principle: condensing water vapor by cooling coil

? Fully automatic

? Soft computer (Microcomputer)

? Continuously drain through drain hose or to water bucket

? Washable nylon air filter

? Can be easily moved by large wheel & handle

? Suitable for indoor installation, especially mobile application.


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